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Find out what the 2022 HR trends are and understand why you should think about them now.In the last two years, the job market, which was already undergoing a series of changes, has faced major transformations, linked to the global pandemic scenario. As a result of these transformations, companies and employees have gained new ways of seeing and doing work.

If 2020 was a year of immediate decisions, given the urgency imposed by the pandemic, in 2021, leaders and employees needed to mobilize to meet the new realities in the organizational environment.

In this sense, we can say that 2021 was a year of great learning. Mainly with regard to human relationships and the use of technology in workspaces.

Certainly, the beginning of a new year is the time to rethink people management strategies. However, it is not recommended that the human resources sector waits for the beginning of a new year, to understand what scenario will come and prepare for it.

Therefore, when closing the current year, it is necessary to know the prospects for the coming year and prepare to face the main challenges.Therefore, in this article, we have prepared a presentation of the main HR trends for 2022. Follow us and prepare for them!

The VUCA World In 2021

The term VUCA , an acronym in English created to define the labor market in the 21st century, has never made more sense than in 2021. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity have left a deep imprint on labor relations.

Therefore, HR needed to reinvent itself and build new forms of relationship within organizations, seeking to balance the balance between the requirements for the survival of organizations in the market, and the maintenance of an engaged and productive team.

Added to the VUCA characteristics already present in the job market, the pandemic accelerated scenarios that were predicted in the long term. Among these scenarios, the computerization of processes and comprehensive care for the employee, which were expected by HR 5.0 .

No forecast can be taken for granted when it comes to the job market. After all, labor relations are directly linked to other scenarios that include the financial market, international relations and even political and economic changes.

What is certain is that, if in 2021, we had to adapt to the new routines, in 2022, the forecast is for adjustments to these new routines, to meet the needs of companies and their employees.

Therefore, we present below some of the forecasts that should be closely monitored by HR, as they will allow this sector to operate efficiently and strategically in the coming year.

1 – Hybrid Work

2020 was the year of the home office . Forced by the pandemic, companies had to face a new way of working that faced a lot of resistance. The home office was already a prediction for the future, however, seen with great distrust on the part of companies.

However, experiences with remote work were very productive. As a result, this is already an HR trend for 2022.

And it still comes with a new possibility: the hybrid work, that is, the one that mixes the two previous modalities. Hybrid work shows a trend due to its flexibility.

In this way, HR professionals can move between the two modalities, thus allowing the comfort and tranquility of home, and promoting face-to-face meetings with the team as a way of caring for human relationships.

2 – People Analytics

A major HR trend for 2022, People Analytics consists of analyzing employee information that allows an individualized view of each one of them. All this through artificial intelligence, which facilitates human performance, enhancing it through the interpretation of data.

This is an extremely important tool for HR, as it can be used both for processes that involve employees who are already part of the organization, and to enrich the recruitment funnel.

3 – Employee Experience

Over the years, labor relations have undergone several transformations. Among them, the role of HR in building humanized work relationships and focused on enchanting employees.

Therefore, The Employee Experience Is One Of The HR Trends With Great Growth Prospects In 2022.

Therefore, HR must prepare itself to offer, when collaborating, a journey of experiences within the organization. Since this is a construction that depends on the expectations of collaborating, HR will need to be prepared to offer active listening, feedback and assertive communication with all team members.

4 – Investment In Leadership

Humanized work relationships require prepared leadership. And this is an HR front that we can consider a trend for the next year.

Therefore, 2022 will be a year of intense HR interventions in the development of inspiring leaders. And this applies to leaders who already play this role and the identification of future leaders in the midst of the team.The idea is, through skills mapping and competence assessment, to create programs for the development of key soft skills for leadership.

5 – Gamification

Who has never been interested in games and technology? This is yet another HR trend for 2022. The use of technology, through gamification, to create an environment of involvement and encourage employee engagement.

Inserted in the work context, gamification can create a collaborative work environment or with healthy levels of competition, through games and challenges. And the best thing is that it can be used from onboarding processes to tracking goals and delivering results by the team.

Technology: Right Trend

Certainly, of all the scenarios pointed out as trends for HR, technology has become reality. Driven by market changes, it has become the greatest ally of HR, allowing the management of people in real time, even when working remotely, and mainly, the automation of HR processes.

Mainly with regard to people management processes, technology has allowed the human resources sector to act more strategically, putting it in direct contact with people.

Proof of this is that of the HR trends pointed out above, all, to some extent, will include technology in their development.Whether in the analysis of data in People Analytics or in the performance evaluations that will guide the feedback and leadership training.

Therefore, in order to insert HR into the job market of the future and ensure its efficient performance, hiring specific software for this area is more than a trend for 2022.Technology is the guarantee of innovation for the human resources sector, contributing to the construction of less bureaucratic and more efficient processes in people management.


In light of all this, one thing is certain: the need for the human resources sector to pay attention to changes in the job market and prepare to face the challenges of a new year.

Some of the trends presented here had already been put on the agenda in recent years. However, they also underwent changes and adaptations to the new realities of work.

In this sense, it is worth reflecting on what has changed and how your company’s HR needs to adapt to ensure competitiveness and profitability in the business.

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