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The Importance Of The Annual Assessment For HR:

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The annual assessment is the moment to validate HR’s actions to prepare for the new year. Understand the importance of this assessment and why your company needs to adopt it.Each new year is a new possibility. There are about 252 working days that will allow the construction of new actions in people management, seeking the growth and development of companies.

However, before starting actions for a new year, it is necessary to consider what has been done in the present year.After all, not all the proposed initiatives achieve the expected result and some ideas that may have been discredited for the present end up becoming excellent alternatives in the face of a new scenario.

However, mastering company information regarding intellectual capital is essential for HR to be truly strategic.Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you the importance of the annual evaluation and you will find out why you should start, later this year, to evaluate HR actions and strategies. Follow along with us.

What Is The Annual Assessment About?

Periodically, employees are evaluated for competence, skills and deliverables. These assessments serve to guide people management processes, allowing HR to understand where it is necessary to invest or what skills and competencies need to be developed.

This is an extremely important action for HR to get to know the team and to know the best preparation for it, to meet the company’s strategic planning objectives.

However, not every program created presents the efficiency expected by HR and it is in this sense that the annual evaluation applies.Therefore, the annual evaluation is an opportunity for HR to review the processes applied throughout the year, in order to identify those that allowed the team to perform with excellence and those that did not have the expected effect.

The Importance Of The Annual Evaluation

You may ask yourself: but what is the importance of this?

Every process developed by HR in managing people involves a cost. Whether this cost is financial or time availability, what guarantees that it is a good investment is its efficiency in fulfilling the purpose for which it was proposed.

Just to exemplify, when HR develops a certain training process, what points to the efficiency of this process are the rework rates involved with the activity for which this training was proposed.

In this case, the indices need to show a drop in relation to the numbers prior to the training process. If the rates continue to increase or remain stable, it is possible that that process does not suit the team’s profile.

Therefore, the annual evaluation will serve to diagnose all processes in people management and its importance lies precisely in this diagnosis. It will allow the identification of which processes are really effective and generate results for the organization.

Therefore, HR will be able to maintain efficient processes and discard or remodel those that did not meet the organization’s expectations.

And How To Carry Out The Annual Assessment?

The annual assessment can be done in different ways. It is possible to apply a 360 assessment that allows HR to collect information from the different stakeholders of the organization regarding actions in people Annual Assessment management.

Therefore, the 360 ​​assessment allows both leadership, employees or interns to express their opinions on the effectiveness of the processes. They even point out the positive points and possible improvement actions.

Another important analysis Annual Assessment is that of indicators . Therefore, it is important that HR first have established indicators for each process implemented. And from the analysis of these indicators, you can validate the effectiveness of each process.

Evaluation becomes more effective when performed from different points of view. Therefore, the ideal is that the information collected both in the 360 ​​evaluation and in the analysis of indicators are compared. In this way, it is possible to extract more reliable data, considering both numbers and the empirical evaluation of each stakeholder.

Enjoy The Technology

The processes in people management Annual Assessment are numerous and this ends up making it difficult to analyze them all in detail.In this sense, using a technological tool not only adds agility and reliability to the data collected, but also allows a greater scope of processes.

Therefore, hiring HR software and its use in the diagnosis of processes in the human resources sector allows the annual evaluation to present information of great relevance to this sector.

In addition, the technology provides the automation of the 360 ​​assessment, allowing its stakeholders to input the information directly into the system. With this, the generation of reports and analysis of cross data with the indicators of the sector becomes faster and more efficient.


In short, the annual assessment has the purpose of diagnosing the performance of the human resources sector, allowing the validation of results and identification  Annual Assessment of possible obsolete processes in this sector.

Its annual application aims to allow HR to promote the performance evaluation of its own sector, as it spends most of the year validating and undertaking efforts to improve other sectors.

Therefore, this annual assessment will change the focus of this sector, making it seek to understand how its internal processes have impacted the organization’s results. And it is precisely this shift in focus that makes the annual appraisal a growth strategy for HR. Did you understand the importance of the annual assessment for the human resources sector? Do you want to better understand how a technological tool can support your HR not only in this one, but in all the processes it develops?

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